City Connect Uniform Mock Ups for the 10 Teams That Don’t Have Them

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10 out of the 30 MLB teams don’t have City Connect Uniforms:

  1. Cleveland Guardians
  2. Detroit Tigers
  3. Minnesota Twins
  4. New York Mets
  5. New York Yankees
  6. Oakland Athletics
  7. Philadelphia Phillies
  8. St. Louis Cardinals
  9. Tampa Bay Rays
  10. Toronto Blue Jays

While fans of these teams eagerly await what their new hyper local uniforms might look like (well, A’s fans might have to wait until Las Vegas), I’ve asked AI to help me dream up some potential mock ups.

Cleveland Guardians

Kicking things off with the Cleveland Guardians, the design aims to incorporate the team’s traditional colors of navy blue, red, and white, while featuring graphic elements inspired by the “Guardians of Traffic” Art Deco statues from the Hope Memorial Bridge.

(As many know, the Guardians are just coming off of a rebrand, having moved on from the “Indians” name and logo; the new name and look were a hotly debated topic.)

As for this look in particular, I’d say it’s a little busier than most City Connect jerseys, but if you’re going to go in a different direction, why not take it a few steps beyond what currently exists?

Detroit Tigers

Staying in the AL Central, this Detroit Tigers design features the team’s colors of midnight navy blue, orange, and white, and includes “elements” inspired by Detroit’s automotive heritage. I say “elements,” because while the AI response says the uniform “captures” the essence of the Motor City (and also pays homage to the team’s historic venues like Bennett Park and Tiger Stadium), I think it was referring to the entire image and not just the uniforms it created.

So with all of that, I would have liked to see more of an auto-inspired feel on the front of the jersey.

Minnesota Twins

Perhaps my favorite of them all! This Twins design incorporates the team’s colors of red, navy blue, and white, and features elements inspired by the ‘Twin Cities’ theme (symbolizing Minneapolis and Saint Paul “Minnie & Paul”. The design also tries to represent the Mississippi River and elements from the existing logo, showcasing the unity between the two cities.

The overall look is modern and vibrant, but my favorite part is that It makes for a symmetrical approach you’d expect and appreciate from the team’s name.

New York Mets

I don’t know. When you think future, many people picture a big metropolis full of robots and flying cars. And while the Mets’ design doesn’t feature either, it does give the vibe (while embracing the team’s colors of blue, orange, and white, and reflecting their connections to the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants).

While you can say the result captures the energy and diversity of New York City, with references to iconic city landmarks and the team’s notable achievements, I’m not sold. I also don’t think we have seen any uniforms venture down the pant leg, so this is certainly a departure. There are two versions between the bridge-front and stadium-front. I prefer the former.

New York Yankees

I mean, again, I get it. How can you have a NYC city connect jersey and not feature a city as historic and storied of New York? This design embraces the team’s iconic colors of midnight navy blue and white, and incorporates elements reflecting their deep history and connection to New York City, particularly the Bronx.

Compared to the frenzied Mets’ look, this design is elegant and timeless, embodying the prestige and legacy of one of baseball’s most storied franchises.

For kicks, though, I asked for something that focused on Lady Liberty:

Much better in my opinion (even though it’s really just a mashup of the Statue and a few buildings). Maybe bright lights and Times Square would be a better fit?

Oakland Athletics

As an A’s fan, this was a tough ask. On one hand, the A’s are getting closer to and closer to moving to Las Vegas, so anything that represents Oakland seems like a slap in the face. On the other, the A’s have such a rich history, as does the Bay Area city of Oakland, so I’d hate to not see a City Connect jersey come to life. 

All that said, while the bridge is present, it doesn’t scream Oakland. I asked for two more examples—one more “Oakland” with Jack London Square one for, ugh, Las Vegas. Yikes on the right.

Philadelphia Phillies

Knowing that a mockup would feature a mish mash of everything Philadelphia is known for, I took a different route with the Phillies jersey, asking for something that focused almost entirely on “Brotherly Love.” The mockup captures it, I’d say.

While some weird AI elements get in the way (those kind of look like hands forming the heart, which is cool, but are they actually hands?), it harmoniously integrates the team’s traditional color scheme of red, white, and blue. (That one baseball, too LOL. Looks like Schwarber pounded it to death).

St. Louis Cardinals

I love the subtle nod to the arch (which was included in my prompt), but I wish it was on the front of the jersey because otherwise, these Cardinals mock ups look too similar to those of other teams, just with different colors. So, take the back and replace what looks like the retro Astros color fade you might have something.

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Tampa Bay Rays

A big yes from me! As long as you people don’t rely on this jersey’s compass, it could definitely get the job done. (I also don’t know if the double-sided hat was done on purpose, but that probably violates a uniform code.)

Anyway, the Tampa colors naturally paint a beautiful Florida sunset—I just wish “Rays” was somewhere on the front of the jersey.

Toronto Blue Jays

Clean! Such a nice color combo between the light blue and red, and I love how the CN tower, while not a huge focal point in size, stands out against the backdrop. Of course, “Toronto” is needed on the front instead of “City Connect,” but we are still in AI infancy.

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