Blue & White Sports Teams

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White is a really tough primary color for a sports team. Well, at least it’s tough for me who is trying to write about those blue and white sports teams that I haven’t already said are blue and orange teams, teams with blue and yellow, etc. So, that is, no Mets; no Brewers, etc.

And while the teams below might have slivers and accents here and there, I’d think most would agree these are some of the first teams to come to mind when thinking blue and white:

  • Indianapolis Colts (NFL)
  • Toronto Blue Jays (MLB)
  • Dallas Cowboys (NFL)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB)
  • Winnipeg Jets (NHL)
  • Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL)
  • Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL)

Indianapolis Colts (NFL)

Let’s start by talking about the Indianapolis Colts of the NFL, which in my opinion is the team that offers the most “pure” approach to blue and white of any.

Specifically, their primary colors are blue (#002C5F) and white, but not just any blue – but “Speed Blue” to be exact. This bright and vibrant shade was new in 2004 as part of a rebrand, and could perhaps represent the team’s commitment to speed.

And speaking of blue, the team’s mascot is none other than “Blue” the horse!

Toronto Blue Jays (MLB)

For the Toronto Blue Jays of the MLB, the color is in their name, so it’s no surprise that blue is a huge part of their identity. Their primary colors these days utilize two shades of blue, and include #134A8E for blue, #1D2D5C for navy blue, and #E8291C for red.

So yes, even though the team uses red currently (you can see it above; just barely noticeable on the blue jay’s head), I’m including them as a “blue and white” team because so much of their history is represented by the scheme worn in the days of Devon White and Joe Carter.

Dallas Cowboys (NFL)

Time to saddle up and talk about the Dallas Cowboys (and yes, I know silver is a big color of theirs).

With a darker shade, the Dallas Cowboys colors HEX codes are #003594 for royal blue, #041E42 for blue, and #869397 for silver.

For such a simple and traditional approach, and one that really embraces blue, Wikipedia notes a long history of color notes and uniform changes for the Cowboys.

Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB)

Somehow I only thought to include the Dodgers as I was proofing this with the feeling that I was missing someone obvious. So, here you go—the Dodgers are as blue and white as they come.

And while I’m not a fan of many of the “city connect” uniforms worn by the different clubs around the league (did you know some teams don’t even have City Connect uniforms yet?), the Dodger’s entry is blue-lover’s dream:

With all of the above, along with the saying to “bleed Dodger blue,” I’d have to say the Dodgers are the only “blue and white” team on this list while the rest are “white and blue,” if that makes sense.

Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL)

Skating over to the NHL, we have a very simple and elegant #00205B for blue and #FFFFFF for white—that’s it! No silver or red accents that we have seen from other Canadian teams above and below this entry.

In fact, the Toronto Maple Leafs were once known as the Toronto Blueshirts. According to the History of the Maple Leafs, the dispute between Eddie Livingstone, owner of the National Hockey Association’s Toronto Blueshirts, and his fellow NHA owners led to the creation of the Maple Leafs NHL franchise.

Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL)

Finally, we have the Tampa Bay Lightning – also of the NHL – and also simply donning #002868 for Tampa Bay blue and #FFFFFF for white.

I’d say the simple blue and white scheme is in sharp contrast to other professional sports teams in Florida, which usually opt for bright, vibrant, in-your-face colors:

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: #D50A0A for red, #FF7900 for Bay orange
  • Miami Marlins: #00A3E0 for Miami blue, #EF3340 for Caliente red
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: #9F792C for dark gold, and #006778 for teal

All in all, a solid lineup, and a cool way to look at how different franchises can utilize such a straightforward color combination.

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