Could Pokemon NBA Jerseys Be a Thing? I wish.

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Complex recently shared out 7 Pokémon X NBA jerseys and broke my heart in the process. On the way to amassing nearly 38K likes so far, the first glimpse of the OKC Pikachu got me incredibly hyped, only to be squashed by stating “These Pokémon NBA jerseys need to become a real thing.”

So, obviously, these are not (yet) a real thing, but if you’re a fan of any of the teams below, you should be pushing as hard as you can to see these on the court and on the shelves:

  • Oklahoma City Thunder X Pikachu
  • Sacramento Kings X Gengar
  • Toronto Raptors X Charizard
  • Charlotte Hornets X Beedrill
  • Atlanta Hawks X Zapdos
  • Golden State Warriors X Gyarados
  • Phoenix Suns X Moltres

While many in the comments are saying, “no they don’t” my main rebuttal is, have you seen some of the new jerseys being trotted out? While the bulk of the league has reverted back to simplicity and minimalism, a bold Pokémon play would be a slam dunk in my books.

It’s not just the look and fun feel, but the connection between mascot and Pokémon is a cool one to explore.

So, did Complex get these right? And which are missing? Scrolling through the comments, there are a number of good points to dive into.

Oklahoma City Thunder X Pikachu

Both are associated with electricity and thunder. The Oklahoma City Thunder’s name suggests thunderstorms, while Pikachu is an Electric-type Pokémon known for its ability to generate electricity and use moves like “Thunderbolt.”

Sacramento Kings X Gengar

The Sacramento Kings’ mascot represents royalty, and Gengar, being a Ghost-type Pokémon, can be seen as a “shadowy” or “ghostly” king of the Pokémon world. Additionally, Gengar has a mischievous nature, which can be likened to the playful antics of some mascots.

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An alternate could have been Nidoking, which carries the “king” title and has a regal, powerful appearance. Slowking, on the other hand, wears a crown-like Shellder on its head and is known for its wisdom, fitting the royal theme.

Toronto Raptors X Charizard

Both raptor and Charizard are associated with reptilian/dragon-like creatures. The Toronto Raptors are named after the raptor dinosaurs, and Charizard, while a Fire/Flying-type Pokémon, has a dragon-like appearance.

Charlotte Hornets X Beedrill

Perhaps the most obvious connection, both are based on stinging insects. The Charlotte Hornets are named after hornets, which are flying insects known for their sting. Beedrill is a Bug/Poison-type Pokémon that resembles a giant bee with large stingers.

Atlanta Hawks X Zapdos

The Atlanta Hawks represent a type of bird of prey, and Zapdos is an Electric/Flying-type Legendary Pokémon that represents the element of electricity and storms.

Golden State Warriors X Gyarados

Maybe not the best fit, but Gyarados is known for its fierce and aggressive nature, similar to a warrior’s fighting spirit. The Golden State Warriors represent strength and determination in battle, much like Gyarados, a Water/Flying-type Pokémon known for its destructive capabilities. The “Bay” has something to do with this, I’m sure.

Machamp, with its four arms and powerful fighting moves, embodies the warrior spirit. Lucario, a Fighting/Steel-type Pokémon, is known for its sense of justice and martial arts skills, making it a fitting representation of a warrior.

Phoenix Suns X Moltres

Changing course from most of the routes taken above, The “Phoenix” city name comes from the mythical bird, which is reborn from its ashes. Moltres is a Fire/Flying-type Legendary Pokémon that represents the element of fire and is often associated with the sun due to its fiery appearance.

What about some teams that could be represented by Pokemon?

Boston Celtics X Ludicolo or Whimsicott

The Celtics have Irish roots, and both Ludicolo (with its dance-like movements) and Whimsicott (resembling a leprechaun or fairy) have characteristics reminiscent of Irish folklore.

Los Angeles Lakers X Lapras or Swanna

The Lakers’ name originates from the state of Minnesota’s nickname, “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” Both Lapras and Swanna are water-based Pokémon that would be at home in a lake setting.

San Antonio Spurs X Mudsdale or Rapidash

The Spurs have a cowboy and western theme. Mudsdale is reminiscent of a draft horse, while Rapidash is a fiery horse, both fitting the western motif (which could also work for the Pistons)

Chicago Bulls X Tauros or Bouffalant

Both Pokémon resemble bulls, aligning directly with the team’s mascot.

Miami Heat X Magmar or Torkoal

Both Pokémon give off intense heat, aligning with the team’s name.

Cleveland Cavaliers X Escavalier or Aegislash

Cavaliers refer to horse-mounted soldiers. Escavalier’s name and design are reminiscent of a knight or cavalier, while Aegislash represents the sword and shield often associated with knights.

Dallas Mavericks X Blitzle or Zebstrika

A maverick refers to an unbranded calf or a free spirit. Blitzle and Zebstrika are zebra-like Pokémon that embody the idea of wild and free spirits.

Denver Nuggets X Sableye or Carbink

The Nuggets’ name is a nod to the gold rush. Sableye is known for hoarding gemstones, and Carbink is a rock/fairy Pokémon resembling a gem or crystal.

Houston Rockets X Pokémon: Beheeyem or Elgyem

These Pokémon have a UFO/alien theme, which can be tied to the idea of rockets and space exploration, a nod to Houston’s association with NASA.

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