Plate Crate Vs. Baseball Box

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In an era where convenience meets passion, subscription boxes have taken center field, offering consumers a tailored experience delivered right to their doorsteps.

For the budding baseball stars of tomorrow, youth baseball gear subscription boxes are a game-changer. These “boxes”crates” are meticulously curated and provide young athletes with the essential gear they need, from gloves to batting helmets, ensuring they’re always ready for the next pitch.

But with a field of options to choose from and boxes filled with more items than a baseball mom’s tote bag, how does one determine the MVP of baseball gear boxes?

In this post, we’ll step up to the plate and break down the intricacies of two major subscription services, Plate Crate and Baseball Box, highlighting the pivotal factors you should consider when comparing these top contenders.

If you want the TLDR version, here is a table summarizing at a very high level:

Aspect Plate Crate Baseball Box
Overview Tailored for baseball enthusiasts Celebration of the baseball spirit
Monthly Cost Plans start at $43/crate $43.99 for each month’s shipment
Crate Value Each crate worth at least $70 Contents valued over $85
Shipping Free shipping for all crates Free shipping for all crates
Contents 6-8 handpicked themed items 8-10 themed items
Subscription Options Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly Monthly
Loyalty Program “RBI Club”; earn “runs” Not specified
Cancellation Policy Option to cancel anytime Cancel before box ships for full refund

Plate Crate Overview

Plate Crate is not just another subscription service; it’s an experience tailored for the baseball enthusiast.

Every month, subscribers are treated to a themed crate brimming with 6-8 handpicked items, from essential gear and delightful snacks to innovative training aids and stylish apparel. With a commitment to value, Plate Crate ensures that each crate boasts a worth of at least $70.

Plate Crate offers a variety of subscription plans to fit varying needs, whether you’re looking for a monthly treat or something less frequent. And if commitment isn’t your thing, there’s an option to indulge in just a single month’s crate.

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Beyond the crates, Plate Crate values loyalty. With their “Runs” program, every purchase on their website earns you points, which can be transformed into discount codes for a future shopping spree.

And for those versatile baseball players out there, don’t fret about the crate’s content. While the theme changes monthly, the option to select a position helps Plate Crate curate and plan, ensuring they’re always in tune with their subscribers’ preferences.

Baseball Box Overview

The Baseball Box is a celebration of the baseball spirit. Recognized as one of the top baseball subscription boxes, it offers subscribers an assortment of items, plus bonuses with every new order—adding sunglasses, a stylish hat, an arm sleeve, and a bat grip. (Every new order also comes with the added excitement of being entered into a giveaway for a custom wood bat.)

At the heart of The Baseball Box is a genuine passion for baseball. They don’t just send items; they curate a month-long baseball festivity right to your doorstep. The attention to detail ensures that every ballplayer, young or old, finds something to cherish in their box. For those wary of commitments, the company offers a stress-free cancellation policy, and the website’s countdown adds a touch of anticipation for what’s next.

While the exact treasures inside each box remain a delightful mystery, the company’s mission is evident: to elevate the baseball experience. This commitment shines through in the glowing testimonials from parents, recounting the eager anticipation and sheer joy their children experience.

The consistent appreciation, especially for the unparalleled customer service, speaks volumes about a brand that truly understands and cherishes its baseball community.

What to Expect in the Box

One big factor when it comes to purchasing either the Plate Crate or the baseball box is considering the type of items included.

Plate Crate

For those of you who’ve been curious about the contents of the Plate Crate, one practical way to delve into its offerings is by tuning into their monthly YouTube unboxing videos, which provide an unfiltered, straightforward look at the thoughtfully curated items for that particular month.

July’s Rocket Ride:

July’s Plate Crate theme took us to the stars with “Rocket.” Here’s what was inside:

  • Gravity Balls: These red, white, and blue balls are unpredictable but flexible and less painful on impact.
  • Rocket Bat Grip: Adorned with summery icons, this grip ensures a confident hold.
  • Tank Top: An ultra-soft Plate Crate tank that’s perfect for practice or beach outings.
  • Keychain: Designed with baseball stitching, it’s a neat spot for your keys.
  • Shaker Bottle: To mix up your favorite drinks and keep you energized.
  • Barbecue Seeds: A tasty snack to munch on between pitches.
  • Pro Members’ Bonus: The Line Drive Pro for those aiming to hit perfect liners.
  • Extras: A cool sticker and a golden ticket with prize codes.

June’s Essentials:

June’s crate was a mix of fun and functionality:

  • Sticker: A neat decal to start things off.
  • Guide: A handy booklet detailing the crate’s contents.
  • Mini Trainer: A tool designed to enhance your hand-eye coordination.
  • React Ball: A uniquely lopsided ball to challenge and improve your reactions.
  • Golden Ticket: A chance to snag some exciting prizes.
  • Headband: To keep the sweat at bay.
  • Big League Chew Gum: A classic baseball gum, perfect for chewing during games.
  • T-Shirt: A comfy tee to round off the crate.

May’s Self-Inspiration:

May’s theme, “Inspire Yourself,” was all about self-motivation and improvement:

  • Monthly Guide: A tutorial booklet to get the most out of your crate.
  • Nacho Pretzels: A delicious snack to satisfy those mid-game cravings.
  • Stickers: Two of them—one general and the other echoing the “Inspire Yourself” theme.
  • Golden Ticket: Another opportunity to win some cool prizes.
  • Adjustable Jump Rope: Lightweight and perfect for agility workouts.
  • Easy Curves: These let you throw automatic curve balls, with one side ridged and the other smooth.
  • Sleeves: Two stylish “Inspire Yourself” sleeves to up your game-day look.
  • Pro Band: Aimed at enhancing arm health and strength.

Baseball Box

Luckily Baseball Box also offers a number of unboxing videos! I certainly encourage you to go take a look to get a true sense of what you might be receiving in the future, I’ll do my best to summarize below.

July’s Treasures:

The month of fireworks, barbecues, and, of course, baseball.

  • A mix of dugout snacks like veggie straws and Cheez-Its, with the ever-essential gum.
  • A sprinkle of themed accessories for the month: USA eye black stickers for that game face, red-white-and-blue sunglasses for those sunny days, and a bracelet to wear your pride on your wrist.

June’s Delights:

June brought in the summer vibes with a box that emphasized the importance of hustling on the field.

  • A poster that dives deep into the essence of hustling in baseball.
  • A resistance loop band for off-season training and a super cooling towel to beat the summer heat.
  • Batting essentials; baseball seam bat grip, a gripper for forearm strength, and pair of batting gloves.
  • Fun additions like a glow-in-the-dark wristband, snacks (who can say no to cookies?), and a contest card for the All-Star Game contest.

February’s Finds:

February, while chilly for many, warmed up with a box that focused on the mental side of baseball.

  • A poster themed around mastering the mind and dealing with the inevitable failures in baseball.
  • A wristband with a simple yet powerful message: “Play your best” and “Own the next pitch.”
  • Practical items like a heating pack for sore muscles and a glove lock to keep your glove in shape.
  • A hat and sock combo with the mantra “Grip it and rip it,” reminding players to stay in the moment.
  • A grip trainer, a 2023 calendar for goal setting, a t-shirt with a cheeky “no crying in baseball” print, and a sticker to inspire future MLB dreams.


Sometimes if a product isn’t on Amazon, it can be hard to find reviews! So, I’ve poked around a little bit to curate what’s being said about these two box options.

Plate Crate

It looks like Plate Crate curates their own reviews, or at least is feeding them into the site. I’m not sure where the reviews originate from, but it looks like they include both the good and the bad.

Looking at more than a handful of the most recent positive reviews, here are some examples of what people really like about the Plate Crate.

One satisfied parent, shared the excitement their son feels, saying, “He highly anticipates his box every month.” It’s not just the thrill of receiving a package; it’s about the quality and relevance of the contents. Another praised the variety in the box, noting that while her son wasn’t a fan of the sunflower seeds, he absolutely adored the training products and shirts.

For those on the fence about trying out the subscription, One customer’s story might resonate. Initially hesitant, she allowed her 7-year-old son to purchase his first box with his savings.

The result? Both were thrilled with the contents, finding the material “very useful and exciting.”

Last, another highlighted the box’s uniqueness, emphasizing its utility in batting training for her competitive 13-year-old player.

Baseball Box

For the Baseball Box, there are reviews on their homepage and Facebook page. For now, I’ve taken look at the positive listed reviews on

To start, one customer shares that the Baseball Box is her son’s most awaited part of the month. Not only does he get to enjoy new gear, but he also benefits from valuable tips from professionals. Another parent’s son mirrors this excitement, eagerly anticipating the box’s arrival each month.

The joy isn’t just limited to the products inside. One parent appreciates the effort behind making each box special, leaving her son feel valued. Another mom paints a vivid picture of her son’s anticipation, marking days on the calendar, waiting for his next Baseball Box.

But what truly sets The Baseball Box apart? One customer believes it’s a combination of the quality products, informative videos, monthly contests, and above all, the exceptional customer service. They aren’t the only one with such thoughts, as another echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the unique training aids and swag that come with each box.

Last, another customer highlights the diverse range of items in the box, from useful gear to delightful snacks and gum, making the unboxing experience a joyous event every time.

(Gives a whole new meaning to “eat it” on the baseball diamond.)

Subscription Options

At this point, it’s clear that both Plate Crate and Baseball Box are two great options. The only question that really remains is, what does a subscription to each look like?

Plate Crate

To get started with the Plate Crate, it’s as easy as choosing a shirt size, age of your child, and baseball position.

Right upfront you’ll see the selling points including

  • Each crate contains items worth $85.
  • Plans start at $43 per crate.
  • Free shipping for all crates.
  • Each crate contains 6 – 8 items.
  • Subscribers have the option to cancel anytime.

In terms of shipping frequency, customers have the options of:

  • Monthly: Receive a crate every month.
  • Bi Monthly: A new option where you receive a crate every two months.
  • Quarterly: Receive a crate every three months.

Depending on shipping frequency, you’ll have the following options:

Monthly Plan:

  • Every 3 Months: $49/crate; 10% savings, with a subtotal of $147.
  • Every 12 Months: $43/crate; 20% savings, with a subtotal of $516.
  • Every 6 Months: $45/crate; 15% savings, with a subtotal of $270.
  • Pay Monthly: $55/crate with no savings; subtotal is $55.

Bi-Monthly Plan:

  • Every 6 Months: $49/crate; 15% savings, with a subtotal of $147.
  • Every 12 Months: $45/crate; 20% savings, with a subtotal of $270.
  • Pay Bi-Monthly: $55/crate with a 10% savings; subtotal is $55.

Quarterly Plan:

  • Pay Quarterly: $55/crate with no savings; subtotal is $55.
  • Pay Yearly: $49/crate; 20% savings, with a subtotal of $196.

Every plan, regardless of frequency, comes with a gift: a Free EZ Curve Ball. No code is needed, and it’s automatically added to the cart!

Baseball Box

Subscriptions with Baseball Box seem a little more straightforward. Similar to Plate Crate, you’ll start with some basic questions including name, shirt size, and how you heard about them. From there, it’s simply $43.99 for the month’s shipment.

Contents for each box are said to be valued over $85, and as mentioned above, contain 8-10 items including training aids and accessories, baseball-themed shirt, dugout snacks, and more!

In terms refunds, buyers can cancel at any time before the box ships, and can return the box with its full contents for a full refund after shipping takes place.

All in all, two amazing choices between Plate Crate and the Baseball Box!

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