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As parents, we want our kids to immediately identify with our fandom. Or, I guess before they even know what a sport is, to at least be an extension of our rooting efforts.

Enter the onesie—the ultimate clothing item for any child given their utility and cuteness. But while there are plenty of sports onesies, finding official sports team onesies isn’t always easy.

One reason I’ve found is that a lot of onesies are marketed and sold as “bodysuits” or even “snappers” so when you’re searching for “onesies” you’re not always met with the best results.

So, given all of that, I’ve gone major sport by sport looking for the links, pages, and looks you need to dress your little one in that big gameday gear.

Official Team Websites

Sometimes the easiest way to find an officially-licensed item is to go to your preferred team’s website and then to the “shop” option. In fact, if you just navigate to the main “shop” site of your respective site, you’ll be on your way in no time.

I’ve added the direct links to the “Baby” categories below:

Tiny Turnip

One big thing for me when searching for sports team onesies and the like was locating officially-licensed gear, which is why I mentioned the official league and team sites above.

On the other side of that, though, there is a lot to be said about the freedom of creativity, and the magic that can happen when something is taken “outside the lines.”

So imagine my pleasure in coming across, which first appeared to be a nice boutique option, only for me to learn that the gear is officially-licensed, and, co-owned by Jalynne Crawford – a former star gymnast at UCLA – and wife of Brandon Crawford of the San Francisco Giants (one of our favorite orange and black sports teams).

There are some really fun designs across all of the major sports.

Baby Fans

Along the same lines, there is which also offers a large assortment of baby bodysuits featuring team logos, cute sayings, fun graphics, and more.

I’m not exactly sure how many teams are actually represented. For instance, looking at the list of baseball teams, I only see 12 listed on the main navigation, and I’m also not sure if each of those teams off onesies.

Searching for “bodysuits” specifically, though, and I see there are over 1,500 results.


Amazon could be a good source of sports team onesies as well thanks to sellers like Outerstuff, Two Feet Ahead, and others. And from what I can tell, Outerstuff offers more variety, while Two Feet Ahead specializes in college teams and logos (including adorable tutus and short-sleeve polo onesies!)


And last but not least, you might be able to find sports onesies at any number of retailers including:

I also want to mention 500 Level. If you’re not familiar, 500 Level offers officially-licensed gear but from the players’ associations and not the leagues themselves.

Thus, they can use the likeness and names of players, but not include team names or logos. This is much like Panini does with baseball cards, if you’re part of the hobby.

As a result, while you won’t find anything that says “Kansas City Chiefs,” “Los Angeles Dodgers,” or “Los Angeles Lakers,” but you will have the option to buy “Mahomes” or “James” gear, along with items that simply state the team city and the likeness of players.

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