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Football—the greatest American sport, according to many (and the TV ratings). It’s understandable why so many fans spend good money to attend NFL games and cheer on their favorite teams. Thrilling moments, high-scoring offenses, and tough defenses—it’s earnings well spent in my opinion.

And although tickets can be pricey, there are ways around it if you’re savvy enough in the ways of savings.


A solid understanding of the top football ticket sites to help you pinpoint the best features for your pigskin-watching needs.

1. SeatGeek

SeatGeek is an excellent football ticket provider if you’re looking for a decent deal. It provides transparent costs that offer peace of mind in knowing you’re receiving a fair price. The site also has a useful search engine that assists in finding all teams and even obscure events. Not to mention that the navigation menu is straightforward, and mobile purchasers can utilize an app that is user-friendly to both Android and Apple users. 

Are SeatGeek tickets secure? The NFL authenticates the tickets on sale, and for buyers, there is the Buyer Guarantee to support every ticket purchased on SeatGeek. For example, suppose your event is postponed but not rescheduled. In that case, SeatGeek will, in its sole discretion, either provide you a credit for future purchases or, subject to any applicable state restrictions, a complete refund of the purchase price. Sounds like a pretty good deal.

2. TicketMaster

This ticketing site legend might be less popular in many reviews; however, it has gained popularity with its promise that even if the game is sold out, it can let you in. TicketMaster also guarantees that the seat you buy will be the one you’ll be seating in during the game. Additionally, you can shop with confidence thanks to their comprehensive refund policy. The website is also user-friendly—simply select one of the categories on the home page to see a list of options.

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Also, these tickets will have the original buyer’s name on them, so they can’t be copied. If you discover better tickets, will also exchange yours if you follow their guidelines. 

Of course, aside from its pros, this site has a few negative aspects, too. The fact that you must pay a service fee at the checkout, which have been said to reach as high as 78% of the ticket price, is a drawback that elicits complaints from customers. Other customers complained about paying more than the amount listed on the ticket stub rather than the face value.

However, generally, the positive reviews can outweigh the unfavorable, making TicketMaster one of the top ticketing sites for NFL fans. 

3. StubHub

One of the biggest online ticket marketplaces is StubHub, and is in our top five football ticket marketplaces right now because it offers tickets for more than 60 different kinds of sporting events, including NFL games. The site includes straightforward interactive navigation and a great filtering system to help users select the NFL tickets that best suit their needs. 

You can also search for events on StubHub based on your location, your interest in pro football, or your preferred team. When tickets for a specific event are in high demand, you will notice a small fire icon, ensuring that you never lose out on seats.

On the website’s interactive seating map, once you choose an event, you can see which seats are available in which areas of the stadium or arena, as well as the view from each location.

Ticket search results can also be sorted by cost, greatest deal, or finest seats. The seat-view option is highly sought-after and well-liked because it shows an image of the field taken from your seat.

According to numerous StubHub reviews, the main factor in customers’ favoring StubHub is that it offers the largest selection of tickets among other ticket marketplaces. However, bear in mind that StubHub does not permit cancellations. Only if your event is postponed or canceled and StubHub is unable to reschedule it, will refunds be given.

4. Vivid Seats

A full-service marketplace, Vivid Seats makes it easy for fans to buy or sell football tickets and is similar to StubHub but less well-known. There is a seat-view option, and the arrangement is quite straightforward. Simply type the term and the team you want to watch to find an NFL ticket. Then you can select from excellent offers or sort the results by price, row, or section.

VividSeats is intending to be a safe and secure online exchange platform for buying tickets to live events in the US, including football games. They provide a 100% guarantee for each order if something goes wrong, and customers are also guaranteed a complete refund in the instance that an event is postponed without a new date. (Customers can use VividSeats to sell unwanted tickets if the new date is not one they like.)

Based on reviews, most customers mentioned that prices are a little bit higher, but they usually go down as the event gets near. (NFL tickets have a ticket protection plan option, just like with Ticketmaster.) VividSeats is a prominent site for ticket resales and although the website is safe, the initial high charges tend to discourage visitors.

5. TickPick

TickPick is a cutting-edge new ticket marketplace that seeks to make buying tickets to see your favorite football team easy, either home or away. They created their website with the intention of getting rid of the absurdly expensive tickets—people may quickly choose the best ticket for them by looking at the results, which are presented and evaluated based on a combination of price and quality. 

Although there are other places to get the tickets, the “no fee” feature is attractive to many customers who are tired of paying extra fees. TickPick offers inexpensive pricing and low fees compared to other sites. On their website, they claim to have saved their clients millions by keeping ticket prices 10% cheaper than their biggest rival.

There is a 100% Buyer Guarantee for every ticket, and you can utilize the tickets on the new date of the event if it is postponed or rescheduled, or you can relist them for sale on TickPick. Contact options include social media, an urgent assistance line, and email support. However, acording to several evaluations, many people say that the website wasn’t designed with sports lovers in mind.

Overall, to purchase NFL tickets without fuss, use the websites mentioned above. To find the greatest offer, compare the ticket prices offered by these five websites, and consider the features and benefits of each. Are you willing to pay more fees to make sure that you don’t purchase a ticket with an obstructed view?

Hopefully, this article has given you some guidance on the difference between 5 of the top NFL ticketing websites. 

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